A Southern Hoppin’ Irie Charm – A Black History Month Perspective

The Inspired Chef

Well I’ll be darned. If it isn’t the month of February again. And that means Black History Month. So, what does that mean to you?  Well for me, it means a deeper connection to being a black man from another place living in this country. Always understanding that for me, I can’t take anything for granted, including the right to vote. Understanding all the things that was fought for so that I could be here to pursue dreams and ambitions. It’s an understanding that I should also be an ambassador of cross culture unification. As an emigrant here to the States I’ve had to adopt and adapt to a culture that is different from mine. learning what it means to be black in this country before, during and after slavery. It’s a pity a lot of that knowledge gets lost on most that live here. But there’s one thing that…

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